Below are Uitkoms' official certification documents, as issued by the Department of Social Development, BEE Score, and the South African Revenue Services. To download a certificate, click on the download button for each one. You can also view the document in a new tab. If you have any queries regarding our certification, please do get in touch with us.

Non Profit Organisation (NPO) Certificate

Issuer: Department of Social Development (DSD)
Registration Number: 001-180

We are registered as a Non Profit Organisation with the DSD, and have been since 28 November 2000.

Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) Certificate

Issuer: South African Revenue Services (SARS)
Registration Number: 930 006 571

As a registered Public Benefit Organisation, Uitkoms may issue SARS Section 18A Tax Receipts for bona-fide donations, which allows for donations of up to 10% taxable income to be deducted from such income, as stated in the relevant Act.

Donations that qualify for tax receipts are: Financial contributions in cash, by cheque, postal order, EFT, debit order, stop order, or credit card deduction, as well donations in-kind.

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) Certificate

Issuer: BEESCORE (Pty) Ltd.
Registration Number: BS E 8449-080416

Uitkoms is a Level Four Contributor to BEE, with 100% Recognition.

Company Benefits of Making Financial Contributions: Companies who make financial contributions to Uitkoms will be able to score points (up to 100% of their spend) for their next BEE Score Card, under the Socio Economic Development (SED) Pillar.

Child and Youth Care Centre Registration Certificate

Issuer: Department of Social Development (DSD)
Registration Number: 12/2/2/3/37

Uitkoms is registered as a Child and Youth Care Centre with the Department of Social Development. The latest certificate was issued on 16 March 2015, and expires on 31 March 2020.