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Below are Uitkoms' official certification documents, as issued by the Department of Social Development, BEE Score, and the South African Revenue Services. To download a certificate, click on the download button for each one. You can also view the document in a new tab. If you have any queries regarding our certification, please do get in touch with us.

Non Profit Organisation (NPO) Certificate

Issuer: Department of Social Development (DSD)
Registration Number: 001-180

We are registered as a Non Profit Organisation with the DSD, and have been since 28 November 2000.

Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) Certificate

Issuer: South African Revenue Services (SARS)
Registration Number: 930 006 571

As a registered Public Benefit Organisation, Uitkoms may issue SARS Section 18A Tax Receipts for bona-fide donations, which allows for donations of up to 10% taxable income to be deducted from such income, as stated in the relevant Act.

Donations that qualify for tax receipts include financial contributions in cash, by cheque, postal order, EFT, debit order, stop order, or credit card deduction, as well donations in-kind. Donations that do not qualify for tax receipts include donations of services rendered without a fee, amounts paid for attending a fundraising event, such as a dinner or golf day, amounts paid for a successful bid at an auction, amounts paid for raffle/lottery tickets, amounts paid directly for school fees and levies, and amounts paid in respect of debt due.

Should you require a Section 18A Tax Receipt or more information about our PBO status, please use our contact form to get in touch with us.

Child and Youth Care Centre Registration Certificate

Issuer: Department of Social Development (DSD)
Registration Number: 12/2/2/3/37

Uitkoms is registered as a Child and Youth Care Centre with the Department of Social Development. The latest certificate was issued on 16 March 2015, and expires on 31 March 2020.

2017/18 - Socio Economic Development (SED) Certificate for BEE

Issuer: BEESCORE (Pty) Ltd.
Registration Number: BS SED 030517-1

All of our beneficiaries are qualifying black South African citizens, and our programmes are all designed to develop our girls so that they can become economically self-sustaining. Under the amended codes for BEE, a level-certificate is not required for SED. The attached PDF is our SED certificate which confirms our beneficiary profile. In addition, Uitkoms is automatically a Level One contributor to BEE, due to the fact that the beneficiary-base comprises of no less than 75% black South African citizens.

Company Benefits of Making Financial Contributions: Companies who make financial contributions to Uitkoms will be able to score points (up to 100% of their spend) for their next BEE Score Card, under the Socio Economic Development (SED) Pillar.

Should you have any enquiries about our BEE/SED status, please use our contact form to get in touch with us.