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  • Too many young women and their children have been abused, abdandoned, and neglected.

    Let’s work together to make their lives better, and give them a fresh start.

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  • A Healing Hand

    Uitkoms offers intensive, holistic, specialised care that caters for physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs.

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  • Uitkoms Home for Girls is a registered child and youth care centre that offers non-discriminatory residential care, protection, development plans, and counselling to abused, abandoned, or otherwise neglected teenage girls.

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    We provide a loving home ...

    At Uitkoms, we believe that the girls in our care should live in an environment that motivates them to succeed once they’ve re-integrated into society. Our residential facility is completely suitable for these girls - it’s a caring and loving environment.

    ... and the tools to help our girls succeed in life.

    Our highly trained staff, along with our various partners in education, strive to do all that is necessary for the girls we look after to live happy, successful lives after leaving Uitkoms. We create Individual Development Plans for each girl, which allows us to effectively measure the results.

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