Management Board & Staff

Uitkoms is run by a Management Board of Members that, collectively, has over 150 years’ experience caring for the disadvantaged and underprivileged in our society.

All of our members pride themselves in playing their essential and indispensable roles at Uitkoms Home for Girls. We are all so very proud of the work we have done so far, and the accomplishments we’ve made to date.

Below are the profiles for our Management Board Members, as well as our staff:

Mrs Feesia Van Der Colf


Mrs Van Der Colf has served on the Board for 37 years. She was requested to join due to her work as a psychologist in a reformatory school for girls.

She believes that we all have a role to play in helping young women become confident and successful adults.

Mrs Van Der Colf has BA and Honours thereof, as well as an MA in Psychology from Stellenbosch.

Mr Andre Prakke


Mr Prakke has served on the Uitkoms Management Board for over 15 years, after being requested to join due to his financial skills.

He prides himself in being able to assist those that have been hurt, scared, and, above all, young girls that have been discarded by their own families, and the society that surrounded them. These young women are the gatekeepers of our future, and should be nurtured and protected at all times.

Mr Prakke is a Certified Chartered Accountant and Registered Auditor, and holds a B.Com and a Certificate in Theory of Accounting from RAU, as well as various Post-Graduate studies in Management, Law, and Banking.

Dr Botha Van Aarde

Chief Executive Officer

After serving as the CEO of Tutela, the mother-body of Uitkoms Home for Girls at the Provincial Level (previously known as NGBD), Dr Van Aarde joined the Management Board of Uitkoms, and has served for 2 years.

He has been in the charitable sector for 20 years, and strongly believes that the young women in our country should always be provided with a safe environment in which to live, work, and play, and that this is a necessity due to the levels of abuse and other forms of mistreatment we see every day.

Mrs Linde Van Zyl

Board Member

Linde joined Uitkoms through the Andrew Murray Congregation over a year ago, where she became involved in partaking in an enrichment programme with the girls.

After becoming aware of the needs of the girls, she joined the Management Board. Being a qualified Social Worker, she has been involved with social work on various different levels. Linde developed a GAP programme for matriculants leaving school, which gave her a great deal of experience with the age group. Linde believes that we owe it to the young women at Uitkoms to give them a better chance at living a successful life. “It’s so rewarding to see them blossom when exposed to a different way of living, than the one they were exposed to.”

She has a BA in Social Work and Sociology.

Rev L R Swanepoel

Board Member

Rev. Swanepoel has been contracted to the Management Board for around five years, in his capacity as the Minister of the Local Congregation.

He has a passion for community, and believes that each individual’s contribution is necessary to build healthy, strong, and loving communities.

Rev. Swanepoel has a Bachelor of Arts in Theology, as well as Master of Divinity and Licentiate Theology degrees.

Mrs Vera Schutte

Board Member

After having been recruited to join the Board by Mrs Van Der Colf, Mrs Schutte has had her seat for around 30 years.

Despite all the changes that have taken place at Uitkoms over the years, she believes it has always provided a necessary and wonderful service to the community.

Mrs Nothando Munjoma

Board Member

Nothando has served on the Management Board for three years, after being nominated to join by Tutela (previously known as NGBD). She is a qualified Social Worker, and sees her profession as her life’s calling. She believes that her purpose is to bring hope to those in despair.

Nothando has an MA and a BA (Social Science, Development Studies and Administration, respectively), as well as a BSW (Hons).

Mrs Charlotte Botes

Board Member

Due to Charlotte's love for people, and the years she's spent with people that have special needs, she joined the Management Board, and has served for a year since. Her love for people, especially those who need care, love, and understanding, has been part of her life since childhood.

Charlotte previously served for 13 years as a manager at Forest Farm for adults with cerebral palsie. "The need in our country to reach out to so many suffering people (be it from addicition, abuse, gang-related activities, unemployment, etc.) is above what we as humans can achieve; however, we should keep on trying to make a difference," she said. "With the help of our Almighty God that strengthens us, we should never give up."

Nicolette Myburgh

Director: Social Work Services

Nicolette has served on the Board as the Director of Social Work Services since October 2007. Being a qualified Social Worker, she believes that child-welfare is incredibly important, especially in today's society.

She has a BA in Social Sciences.

Noma Moyo

Resident Social Worker

Noma joined Uitkoms after doing case work for another NPO. With a personal and professional interest in Social Work, working with children has always had a special place in her heart. She loves working with the girls at Uitkoms, and building the relationships between them and their families.

"I consider it a genuine gift to work with abused and pregnant teenagers – I feel incredibly lucky to play a role in helping our girls find stability and empowering them to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. It feels good to help teenagers help themselves and promote psychological competence which has an important role in the promotion of physical, mental and social well-being," she said.

Mrs Moyo has a background in Education and Arts, and found her true calling as a Social Worker in 2005. With a BA in Social Work, and the applicable registrations with the SACSSP, she has worked in the Social Services field since 2008.

Lauren Da Rocha

Administration Officer

Before joining Uitkoms a year ago, Lauren served a law firm, handling property conveyancing. She felt that she needed something new, something that really made a difference. "It was an answered prayer that I stumbled upon Uitkoms whilst looking for a new opportunity," she said.

With 12 years' volunteering experience at various rehab centres and recovery groups, Lauren has always had a passion caring for teenagers; giving them the opportunity to refocus their lives, and reach their full potential. "It's a priviledge working for Uitkoms, because what we do here really makes a difference in the lives of our girls." Lauren has an NCT4 from Germiston Technical College.

Anna Motau

ABET Facilitator, Auxiliary Social Worker

Anna has been the ABET Facilitator at Uitkoms for 5 years. She is a caring, loving, outgoing, and very charitable individual; nurturing and helping others is part of her nature.

She has Certificate in ABET and Diploma in Auxiliary Social Work.

Charlotte Rathepe

General Assistant, Acting Housemother

Charlotte was referred to Uitkoms by her sister, who informed her that a position was available. She has been with Uitkoms for 1 year, and enjoyes working with charitable organisations. "It's my way of giving back," she said. She has received extensive training from the Housemother, and from the Social Worker.

Rienie Rathepe


Rienie joined as a stand-in when her ex-mother-in-law went on leave. She was then offered an opportunity to work in the crèche. Since then, she was promoted to General Assistant, then to child carer, and later on became the Housemother.

Whilst she's the mother of four children, she's also a mother to all the girls at Uitkoms, knowing their need for guidance from a mother's perspective.

Rienie has been trained in child care, both externally and in-house, budgeting, and first aid.

Beke Ndiweni

Driver; General Assistant

After being referred to Uitkoms by his former employer, Beki has been with us for 6 years.

At the time he joined, he realised how much support the charity sector really needs, and felt glad that began to be a part of it. He enjoys working with the girls and being a father figure around the home.

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