UItkoms  Home  For  Girls / uitkomstehuis vir dogters

A home for pregnant and traumatised teenage girls


Uitkoms had its beginnings in Malvern in 1944 when Johanna Terburgh, a social worker from the welfare organization "Armsorgraad van die Witwatersrand" recognized the need for a home to care for young pregnant girls.  New premises were built in 1970 and in 1999 the home was registered as a Children's Home.  At Uitkoms there is no discrimination on the basis of colour, language or creed.


Uitkoms Home for Girls / Uitkomstehuis vir Dogters is the only registered Child and Youth Care Centre that offers non-discriminatory  protection and counselling to pregnant, abused, neglected, abandoned, raped, traumatized and destitute teenage girls; consequently many of the local Children's Homes and Places of Safety transfer pregnant girls to us.


"Give back our girls their lives."  Through support, anger-management, counselling, appropriate therapy and psychological evaluation, the girls are given the assistance and tools for recuperation and rehabilitation.

By the implementation of structured life skills and educational programs we equip them for reintegration into their communities, to find acceptance from their families and to develop into productive citizens in the future.


Uitkoms is staffed by a highly qualified and dedicated team, consisting of a Manager, Social Worker, Housemother, Administrator, Teacher, Driver and an Assistant who provide a nurturing and caring environment.  Uitkoms plays an important role in the effective rehabilitation of young pregnant girls who have been severely traumatized and in so doing offers a unique and valuable service to the community at large.

Where possible, girls go to local schools; those who are confined to the home attend daily structured classes.  The ABET educational & literacy program is presented by a trained facilitator who fosters a culture of self-development, self belief and entrepreneurship.

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